Sidonie Ronfard, photographer, was born in 1996 in Paris, France.

Graduated in June 2022 from ENSAD, Photo-Video department, Sidonie Ronfard works in the medium of photography, aspiring the harmony between the form of her productions and her intentions. She studied at the AALTO University in Finland (2019) during her Master’s course in Photography.

In Sidonie Ronfard's work as a plastic photographer, She delves into the exploration of the intimate and the everyday to create unique visual installations. Through the lens of her camera, she captures moments from her life and surroundings, snapshots that are often hidden or overlooked.

What sets Sidonie Ronfard's artistic approach apart is her commitment to transcending traditional photography by using a variety of mediums. Her images come to life through supports such as fabric and metal, adding a new dimension to each shot. The darkroom is her playground, where she develops her photographs by playing with error and imperfection. These concepts, which are significant both in her art and in her life, take shape in her work, highlighting the beauty of what is often concealed.

Sidonie Ronfard's art is a celebration of the invisible, a praise of what is hidden, secret, or neglected. Themes of the environment, science, the power of emotions, and combustion manifest in her images and their spatial arrangement. Her creations are imbued with the influence of light and its power, symbolizing the presence and importance of light in our world.

By revealing beauty in the shadows, exploring the intimate, and pushing the boundaries of photography, Sidonie Ronfard's artistic work is an ode to the diversity and richness of everyday life, a celebration of the art of transformation and light, and a powerful reminder of the strength of what is often overlooked.

She was Laureate of the “Young european photography Award”, exhibited at La Cité Des Arts, in 2019, and in was finalist of “AMMA Panthéon-Sorbonne Award”, exhibited at Bastille Design Center, in 2023. 

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